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Gluten free foods are a prerequisite diet choice for those of us that are faced with a serious medical issue or health risk. Even though I have been a Nurse for over 25 years now, I can still remember not being prepared for what I heard when the Doctor diagnosed my Celiac disease 15 years ago. The Dietician he referred me to said that this gluten free diet would be next to impossible for me to follow. There were many days of frustration and sadness. I felt like so many of the things I enjoyed I could never have again.

Finding you suffer from gluten intolerance, dermatitis herpetiformis or, worse still, Celiac disease may cause some consternation. We know that we have to reconsider our diet in what appears to be a drastic manner. Although we do have little choice in the affair, being forced to acknowledge the necessity to switch to foods lacking this prolamin (a specific storage protein) is not a life sentence of mediocrity.

Gluten Free Foods

A gluten free diet is not one lacking in sensational savory experiences. Our taste buds can still be gratified while devouring a meal lacking in gluten. It necessitates the realization that gluten free food is not equated with a bland diet. It is also the recognition that with the right tools, we can enliven the cuisine of any meal – gluten free or not.

Some foods naturally lack prolamin. Others do not. Some become tainted by gluten due to a process referred to as cross contamination. It is up to us to carefully examine labels and consult reference texts to provide clear evidence on the actual contents of a substance. Keep in mind that what actually comprises gluten free remains somewhat nebulous in definition for both manufacturers and government institutions worldwide. The Food and Drug Administration is currently working with various organizations to rectify this convoluted issue.

Finding Foods Lacking Gluten

It is not difficult to locate gluten free food. Various sites and books are available. Consider checking out the suggestions available at the sites of both government and accredited associations.

Our suggestions for basic gluten free food cover all the categories from soup to nuts. You should include the following items to create a healthy diet:

  • Fruit – whole, natural fruit is devoid of gluten. To evade any type of cross contamination, purchase all fruit fresh and whole. You can then make it into desserts using ingredients that are gluten free

  • Dairy – most milk products are free from gluten. You should, however, avoid malted milk as well as any type of ice cream made with ingredients that may contain gluten.

  • Grains – Bread, muffins, cakes and other grain products are great IF you select those made from alternative flours such as arrowroot, buckwheat, corn, flax, nuts, potato, rice and tapioca.

  • Meat, Fish and Poultry – This category does not usually contain gluten IF you purchase it fresh. Be careful of canned fish and poultry in broths, previously stuffed birds and breaded fish, chicken or fish

  • Eggs – Eggs are great for your diet. Avoid or question those egg products that are liquid or frozen

Easy Ways To Spice Up A Gluten Free Diet

Spice blends come in a variety of types. We encourage you to try one of our available combinations of gluten free spice blends. We guarantee they will add zest to any diet. Not only are they free from any potentially toxic contaminants, they are also the right blend of flavorful seasonings and spices. Suitable for the most discriminating of tastes, they are sure to disprove the common belief that gluten free food is bland at best, atrociously tasteless at worst.

Turn Bland Into Grand

Selecting the right foods to address your dietary and nutritional requirements is not difficult. Do exercise care. Read labels and understand the specifics involved in classifying products as gluten free foods. While you may be forced to relinquish traditional foods, remember, you can add zest by using our spice creations. They turn what could be bland into something grand. To liven up your diet, try our spice blend mixes for potato salad and dill dip.

Spice up your gluten free diet by trying one of our spice blends now. Just click on a link in the right-hand column.

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